Fundamental Trends of Character

Trends are basic ways of getting needs met. Some character structures are named for their basic trends. The same trend can exist in other characters, in which case it can be confusing to speak about, because it seems to be mixing characters up. At times, a trend can be striven toward by effort and decision, perhaps as an effort to deny or overcome the results of innate character. All energy structures can partially show these basic trends depending on 1) how well issues were satisfied in development, 2) family needs as a whole, and 3) social influences. Trends as concepts of their own can also be used to 'detach' the essence of a character from the energy structure in order to compare and contrast character goals from functional ideas of health-- for instance orality can be contrasted to desire for contact, or rigidity contrasted with aggression. below are four major trends:

Character Scripts

A script arises when a person makes a somewhat or totally conscious commitment to one or more trends. There is an element of 'performing.' This is a later development than the formation of character, often occurring in a few years before or after puberty. Unlike character it may have a cognitive component. Sometimes a 'pivotal event' is cited as being formative. A young person then starts to pursue this as a goal, even when it does not arise from feeling, and even when they are not very good at it. Sometimes scripts are a family product. Scripts can be thought of as ideologies that justify trends. They are a useful idea to describe a type of striving that may actually not be suited to the underlying character and energy structure. It can contribute to confusion about character in general and in a specific instance. Scripts contrary to character do not alter character, though, because they are really mental ideas, and do not change the underlying body or energy structure.