Feelings versus Cognitions

Often in our culture, when a decision is hard to make, we tend to seek even more factual information. We seek to make the 'right' decision by determining in advance the results. People believe that they should come to 'want to do' what is 'best to do.'


However, satisfying decisions are only makeable on the basis of feelings. Said another way, the heart should lead and the brain should follow a half-step behind, working out the details. Just as in infants, in adults, the reality function (based in the brain and cognitions) should serve (and serve well) the pleasure function (based in the heart, gut, and pelvis.)


The phrase 'feeling primacy' describes the concept that even realistic cognitions should serve the direction set by feelings. The phrase 'somatic primacy' describes the concept that cognitions tend to be distorted or unrealistic if body processes or feelings are ignored or overruled.