The Reich and Lowen Tradition is Controversial

This is true for 'liberals' and 'conservatives' alike. Controversy implies that someone fears that work in this tradition will lead to bad actions, faulty beliefs (and ensuing bad actions), or at the least, waste of hope, time and resources. While many ideas of Reich and Lowen are at odds with modern beliefs (based on how things 'should' be) they are uncannily aligned with folk tradition (based on how things are).

Reich created the idea of 'emotional plague'. Emotional plague arises from emotionally crippled humanity as a hatred of vibrant humanity. This concept may have merit in theory, but in practice it is too little 'grounded, and easily devolves into a slogan with which to dismiss all resistence.

This section is intended to discuss areas in which traditional Reich and Lowen principles clash with modern mores or modern concerns, and how the controversies might be reconciled.