The Expectation of Instant Effect

Pleasure, emotion, and relaxation are mediated by the vegetative systems. That is, they can happen reliably but they do not happen instantly. Thought on the other hand, happens virtually instantly. Perhaps that alone leads thought to be valued above natural or biological processes. Thought also, for those so inclined, is necessary to gain power, and since we live in a power-centric culture, thought is often considered the end all.

Any adult or teenager of course understands intellectually that most processes occur over time. But where there has been danger or emotional deprivation, processes are not trusted. There are three body/mind processes that seek to overcome time and create an illusory mental feeling of immediate okayness or promise. All these tendencies dampen feeling and contact. They interfere with growth because they keep the person from simply letting a process work. Often a recommended process is distrusted, because "can't be sure its working."