Masculine Aggressive Female

Clearly this character structure cannot be discussed, even in the body aspects, without first addressing the idea of gender and sexism. Our modern culture encourages women to be successful in 'traditionally male' pursuits. However, the basics of character are formed by five years of age, and so social learning may re-inforce but does not really explain this character.

This character encompasses the idea that a female rigid character may subconciously identify with the father (seemingly a phallic rigid father) and develop not only the behavioral competitiveness, but also some male secondary sexual characteristis such as a lot of body hair. As a rigid subtype, she is attractive as a woman, but will tend to use her looks in a power way. Mannerisms may be slightly mannish. Psychological functioning is along the lines of the phallic male.

Origins of the Masculine Aggressive Female Character

(Developmental Period – 4-6 Years)

Likeall rigid subtypes, this character is believed to have had 'good enough' nurture up to 4 years of age or the start of the oedipal period. At that point, the mother was rejecting and the father was accepting of the child generally, but was dismissive of feminine traits.