Cooperation is the pleasure and well-being that comes from working with others for a common purpose. What is important to understand is that cooperation has a positive effect apart from the result or goal. Cooperation is more than participation. goals must be 'owned' in common at least emotionally. That usually means that there are no set duties. When duties and responsibilities are rigidly divided up, individuals start to have personal goals. Most household tasks lend themselves to cooperation, whether they actually get done that way or not. Usually amateur groups arrange effort cooperatively, but the success depends on the willingness of the members to cooperate

Though cooperation makes some things possible that are impossible for a single person, for a group, cooperation is often less efficient than dividing responsibility. The goal of cooperation is pleasure not efficiency, and only secondarily accomplishing anything. There is a folk saying "many hands make merry work" Interesting to note, women are likelier to approach a task cooperatively than men.