The Role of Meaning

Meaning is a mental and spiritual not a biological phenomenon. For that reason many people believe it is superior. Some believe that meaning is discovered, and some that it is created. Because meaning 'can be made' out of suffering, some gravitate toward it as a fail-safe positive in times of adversity.

The Reich and Lowen tradition is largely silent on the subject of meaning. A potential danger of an undue emphasis on meaning as a means of improving the human condition, is that striving for meaning without understanding the causes of suffering merely provides weak consolation that detracts from real reduction of suffering. Meaning may in fact be the only good and solace available in say, a concentration camp (Viktor Frankl's premise) but most people do not live in a concentration camp, but rather experience such a bleak existence due to depression, pleasurelessness, and an inability to grieve which are addressable with bodywork.