First a folded blanket or mat is placed in front of the participant. Then the participant lifts one leg up and behind. It's fine to lightly grip something for balance since this is not a balance exercise. The participant then stands one leg as long as possible, finally buckling and collapsing involuntarily. The trick is to avoid voluntarily dropping at the end (to maintain control) but rather to allow the process to complete with an involuntary fall. Pain arises toward the end--this is unavoidable but not the objective. The exercise can be enhanced by the participant saying "I won't fall, I won't ..."

Rationale: This is not a neuro-muscular exercise at all, but entirely addressed toward weakening the grip of the ego. It is an experiential demonstration that the ego can do nothing without the support of the body. Where the ego is not strong, this exercise may not be appropriate.

Source: Alexander Lowen MD