Humility involves the understanding that one exists and lives in a natural order that is greater than the human will and ego. While humility involves this understanding, it is not just the understanding but the practice of living in accord with this natural order. This is to be distinguished from self-deprecation, which is the contrasting oneself (often disingenuously) with perfection (an unnatural concept), always with the implication that a failure of will is to blame.

Many people come to believe in a supernatural order. This belief promotes humility if one accepts that one is still part of a natural order, subject to nature and then also perhaps the supernatural. Too often however, the human ego and will deems itself part of the supernatural order, and above the natural.

Loss of humility is loss of the body. To succeed in bodywork, one must be genuinely curious as to how the body actually works. All the practices in this section can only work if enough humility is present so that the will can bow out at some point and let nature work.