Just Standing

Make time without distractions to stand for twenty minutes. Standing with bare feet and nothing to lean on. Scan the body and sense if the body feels aligned and comfortable, or bent in places, pained and unstable. Experiment with allowing the body to adjust. Do not over-try to be straight; instead, seek balance, real comfort and ease.

Rationale: Standing with reasonable alignment for more than a moment is increases grounding and some say, the flow of energy. Walking is a controlled fall, and while in some cases walking is elegant and springy, overwhelmingly it looks and functions like falling because dynamic or static balance is never achieved. Just standing is an exercise in balance that is very telling. Very few people stand more than a few seconds without leaning against something or crumpling to one side. Most people will benefit from some expert help say from Pilates or Alexander method. Just standing however will have benefit.

Source: Bruce Frantzis, Taoist tradition