Arch Massage with Golf Ball

The arch of most people is too flat and not 'moveable' enough. This contributes to 1) a cascade of misalignments throughout the rest of the body, 2) poor balance 3) painful feet, and 4)feeling insecure. A 'collapsed' arch can lead to foot 'pronation' (as the bottoms of the feet are turned away towards each other) or less commonly foot 'supination' ( the bottoms of the feet are turned toward each other) but the basic arch problem is the same.

The exercise is simply placing a golf ball on the ground or floor, and stepping on it lightly with the arch of one foot and increasing weight while rolling the ball slightly. After a time the golf ball is used with the other foot. It helps to try to 'shorten' the foot front to back (without curling toes) and also to try to get both the heel and the ball of the foot to touch the floor. A dowel has often been used for the same purpose but a golf ball allows for more natural shaping

Rationale: The function of the foot to provide grounding and security relies of a good flexible arch which suspends a fascial sheet like a bow. When this sheet is not under proper tension, all walking is painful and barefoot walking in particular. In this exercise a rather direct course is taken to rehape the bony arch.

Source: Alexander Lowen, mentioned in his autobiography