Foot Arch Push Pull

The arch of most people is too flat and not 'moveable' enough. This contributes to 1) a cascade of misalignments throughout the rest of the body, 2) poor balance 3) painful feet, and 4)feeling insecure. A 'collapsed' arch can lead to foot 'pronation' (as the bottoms of the feet are turned away towards each other) or less commonly foot 'supination' ( the bottoms of the feet are turned toward each other) but the basic arch problem is the same.

Place washcloth or hankerchief or cloth napkin on smooth floor service such as a hardwood floor. Standing with bare feet, place the ball of one foot over the edge of the cloth. Feel the contact between the heel of that foot and the floor, and consider the heel 'fixed'. Try not to curl toes during the following movement. By shortening and lengthening the arch of the foot, first reel in, then push away, the cloth. Repeat with other foot. Then try the same by 'fixing' the ball of the foot and using the heel of each foot to pull and push the cloth.

Rationale By using the arch deliberately, flexibility and springiness can be restored. At first, it may seem impossible to keep the toes 'out of it' but developing a 'feel' for the difference is part of the exercise.

Source: Word of mouth